How to Get a Canadian Student Visa

How to get a Canadian student visa is one of the most asked questions online because Canada is one of the countries with a sound educational system. Why would you not love to school in Canada? Some of the country’s universities stand out as part of the world’s best institutions.

And Canada has given chances to international students to participate in Canadian studentship.

Are you interested in studying in Canada and don’t know how to process your visa and how to get a Canadian student visa? Just relax; you are in the right place.

Getting to Canada for studies is one of the most straightforward to simply Immigrate into Canada. This is why we provide you with this article to help you know how to get a Canadian student visa.

You just need to read through this article “how to get a Canadian student visa” to get familiar with what you need to get into the country for educational purposes.

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How To Get a Canadian Student Visa

As said earlier, Canada is an excellent place to consider for education either to further; a master’s degree or doctorate or to start your bachelor’s degree, diploma, and the likes. We are here to provide what you need to know on how to get a Canadian student visa.

Either of the two ways, you have the chance to secure your moment in the country; it is called a Students’ permit.

The permit is based on how long it will take you to complete the academic program you are engaging in.

It is also necessary to know that you will need to have gotten this permit before securing your way into the country.

The student’s permit is also what we call the student visa. You may not need to get a permit if your course of study to not last more than six months.

However, it is advisable to obtain this permit no matter how short the time of the program you are going for because you will need to go back to get your student permit if you have to furthermore in any program.

Permits are meant to be obtained before entering Canada, not inside the country. You can only get permits from your country of residence before entering Canada.

However, there is a chance to update your permit in Canada if you have more time to use or more programs.

Renewal is possible in Canada, but to get it afresh, you will need to go back to your local country to get it.

Hence, the reason for advising you to get the permit no matter how short you intend to stay, you cannot tell.

One of the things a student permit allows you to enjoy is the part-time work opportunity in or out of the school.

It also will enable you to engage internship program in the line of your studies, possibly in industries in Canada or inside the school. You can also use it to secure permanent residency in Canada or get work in Canada.

How to Apply for a Canada Student Permit

Here, you will know how to process your student permit to Canada (How to Get a Canadian Student Visa) with total simplicity and no stress. You can either get it by paper or online to get Canada permits.

Either of the two ways you get it done, you will get to know the easy process to go about it.

If you would prefer the online application, then you will need to get to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (the CIC) website, where you get to go through the following step-by-step demands, or perhaps, you go for the paper registration where you follow the same procedure I am about to share you;

  • Before any application, you must ensure you get a standard letter of acceptance for a high educational institution in Canada. The students at Quebec should also have their certificate of acceptance (CAQ) from the government of Quebec. If you are processing it online, you will need to do the printout of the letter for documentation purposes.
  • Try to get your application package from the Canadian visa embassy, the Local Visa office, or the CIC website. You will need a temporary Residence permit if you are from a designated country.
  • Getting your application package requires that you answer some questions from the CIC site, and you are expected to be qualified before you can get it. The question aims to test your eligibility.
  • Once you are found eligible, you get a checklist code whose validity lasts 60 days. This code is essential for Submitting your application online. You should do well to print out the code for future reference.
  • You can then get a MyCIC account for your personal checklist code, after which you will receive your checklist document where you input all that you are expected to submit to the CIC.
  • Fill up the documents and forms, and pay your fees. Then, your application is completed, and you can submit it.


A student permit is essential to Study in Canada. Although it is not compulsory or takes a short time to learn (below six months), do well to avoid the consequences stated above if you need to further another program in Canada and we hope this article ”How to Get a Canadian Student Visa helps”.

We mostly recommend that you contact an immigration lawyer or any qualified agent before starting the process to gauge your chances and also help you handle the whole application process to prevent denials.

We believe this article on How to Get a Canadian Student Visa will be useful to you; if you think so too, please share it across your social media. Good luck with your migration!