What is the Largest Immigration Group in Canada?

The largest immigration group in Canada comes from Asia, including the Middle East. They have had the highest proportion of recent immigrants for decades.

This proportion has risen, with Asian-born immigrants accounting for 62.0% of recent immigrants admitted from 2016 to 2021, up from 12.1% in 1971.

Canada has a long history of immigration, and many different groups have contributed to the country’s diverse and multicultural society over the years.

Immigration is expected to rise further in the coming decades. According to recent population projections from Statistics Canada, immigrants could account for 29.1% to 34.0% of the total population by 2041.


Today, Canada is home to people from various racial and ethnic backgrounds, and immigration continues to play a crucial role in the country’s social, economic, and cultural development.

This article will examine some of the largest immigration groups living in Canada.